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I believe it is important to know what costs are involved in employing a private child speech therapist.  My costs are structured to cover all elements of therapy from initial consultation to the ongoing support in your child’s daily environment.

Please see below a breakdown of my costs, please contact me personally if you require more information.

Initial Consultation / Assessment

Detailed assessment is charged at £80 per hour.  This will typically involve at least 1 hours assessment (although in more complex cases this could be more but will always be discussed with you in advance) consisting of a full case history, appropriate assessment procedures and discussions with parent(s).  A detailed report will then be provided which normally takes 2-3 hours ( charged at the assessment rate) and will consist of a comprehensive report of your child’s strengths and needs along with recommendations for therapy targets (if needed).  This can be shared with other professionals involved with your child (such as your nursery or school) if appropriate.

Therapy Session

Further to the initial assessment, targets will be agreed with the parents and child and carried out in one to one sessions at a fixed cost of £70 per hour. This would consist of a range of activities that are appropriate to your child’s learning needs.  Where clients are prepared to commit to a block of sessions a reduced rate will be offered.  Please contact me for further information.

Final Therapy Session

This will involve a detailed review of your childs development and will include a further assessment of any future needs.  This final sessions will be charged at £90.

Care Plan

Programmes of work/activities can be written and delivered to you child’s nursery or school to enable targets to be supported in all environments that you child develops in. This also ensures the staff supporting your child are equipped with specific knowledge and strategies to support your child further.

It is very important to fully liaise with everyone concerned with the child so that everyone is working together to get the best results in the shortest time possible.

The tailored care plan is charged at £40.