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“If they don’t learn the way you teach, it’s time to teach the way they learn. (O.Ivor.Lovaas)”

Child Speech Therapy

My name is Gemma Lester and I am a specialist speech and language therapist working in the Tameside area.

I work closely with the charity HOPE whose trustees (Kelly Wray and Anita Cottam) have worked tirelessly to raise funds to establish and maintain further speech therapy services to their children and parents, alongside their current NHS provision. This has involved jointly identifying communication targets for the families and their children in their homes, running social interaction groups, alongside one to one sessions with parents and children (these are especially beneficial to children which speech, language and communication needs).

I believe communication is everything and will do all I can to enable a child to communicate effectively.
I am particularly experienced in supporting children with mild/moderate/severe learning difficulties and also do a lot of work for children with Autism and I am passionate about enabling successful communication by supporting:

1 – the child,
2 – the people around the child (including parents and teaching staff) and
3 – the environment in which they function.

My services include assessing and providing therapy to children with the following needs:

Learning difficulties (from mild to complex)
Language delay/impairment
Speech sound difficulties
Hearing impairment

Supporting children who have Alternative or Augmentative Communication (AAC) needs

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